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Prestigious Memberships

Dr. Kampee is also a prestigious membdrkampeeer of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) (click for information about Dr Kampee in the ASAPS’ Smart Beauty Guide), adding to his other prestigious memberships –ISAPS, OSAPS and THSAPS. With continual conviction to excellence and dedication for cosmetic surgery in Thailand, he regularly participate in international conferences to network with some of the best doctors in the world and bring back the best practices, know-hows and innovative technologies to his practice

Consultations - Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

Consultations for Dr Kampee Cosmetic Surgery Thailand His plastic surgery Bangkok practice welcomes you for a consultation at anytime. The usual consultation hours are: Monday to Friday: 9 am to 12 pm.

Quick Contact

Kampee Cosmetic Surgery Thailand- appointments or enquiries Email: kampeeclinic@gmail.com for appointments Phone: 0925402255 (Thai), 0813475017 (English) Facebook: www.facebook.com/drkampee *The doctor is in Bangkok plastic surgery clinic most of the time*


Dr Kampee Plastic Surgery Thailand

Since 1995, Dr. Kampee has dedicated his life to excellence in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, graduating in Mexico and working under some of the best plastic surgeons in the World. In 2014, he was awarded as a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Bangkok Practice

Dr. Kampee has established plastic surgery practice in Bangkok for over a decade.

Best Techniques

From applying elite surgical techniques for correction rhinoplasty (e.g. using cartilage instead of silicone) to using RFAL (Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction), Dr Kampee uses the best technologies and techniques in his cosmetic surgery bangkok practice

Customers First

Dr Kampee puts his customer first. As a whole, he integrates the best surgical techniques and his passion to give you the best experience possible.

Location: Dr Kampee Plastic Surgery Thailand

  • 548 Ratchadapisek Road, Ratchadaphisek Alley 26 Samsen Nok, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
  • Tel. 0925402255, 0989576618

ที่อยู่ ศัลยกรรมตกแต่ง หมอคัมภีร์

  • 548 ซอย รัชดาภิเษก 26 ถนน รัชดาภิเษก สามเสนนอก ห้วยขวาง  กรุงเทพ 10310
  • เบอร์โทรติดต่อ: 0925402255

Men's Breast Reduction Body Contouring
Nasal Tip Perforation
Face & Neck Lift
Double Eyelid Surgery
Nose Job / Rhinoplasty
Breast Augmentation
Tummy Tuck | Liposuction - RF Technology
Reduction of Mandibular Angle | Jaw Surgery
Reduction Rhinoplasty
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