Medical Tourism Thailand

2017 & Beyond

Medical Tourism Thailand is one of the most popular reasons tourists come to Thailand, especially for great value plastic surgery. Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are the most common packages offered by medical tourism hotspots. Breast and buttocks enhancement, liposuctions, reconstruction of missing issue, Botox injection and scar revisions – there is nothing Thai surgeons cannot do. Experienced doctors can reshape the appearance of clients’ bodies and make their faces more appealing. Thousands of foreigners not satisfied with their body fly to Thailand seeking for not only physical changes, but also new hope and sense of life - this is what Medical Tourism Thailand is all about. After plastic surgery, they come back home full of energy and self-esteem.

Long before Thailand topped the list of the best destinations for health tourism, it was known as popular travel paradise praised for its beaches and nature. Rapid growth of global medical tourism sparked new interest of many tourists to undergo healthcare treatment in the Land of Smiles. Various tourist attractions, mild climate and delicious cuisine made Thailand even more attractive for foreign patients who could not afford high-quality medical treatment at home.

Wide array of healthcare procedures at a cheaper cost caused international tourist flock to Thailand. Since 1970’s Land of Smiles received around 2.5 million medical treatment seekers. Number of top-notch hospitals providing excellent health care doubles every year. Many of these clinics welcome multilingual professionals to obtain recognized certifications and eliminate the need of patients to face language barrier. In addition, Thailand's hospitality and mentality are no match to its competitors in South-East Asia. Thus, making medical tourism Thailand flourish in the past few years, and we expect the same for 2015 and beyond.

The vast majority of Thailand’s healthcare tourists - for medical tourism thailand - are reported to come from Japan, United Kingdom, Australia and USA. To lure the medical treatment seekers for abroad, Thailand immigration authorities provide flexible ease of entry for many nationalities. As a result, traveling to Thailand to undergo medical treatment became a popular trend worldwide.

Medical Tourism Thailand has been reputed as one of the finest not only in Asia, but also all over the globe. Hospitals, equipped with the most up-to-date facilities, offer wide range of medical procedures from dental surgery to gender reassignment. Thailand clinics are ready to face even most serious cases and provide high quality treatment at a cheaper cost.

Thailand boasts not only modern medical outfit and professional surgeons, but also friendly customer service. Long time ago Thai medical tourism industry has realized the importance of setting a proper standard for international hospitals. As a result, Thailand is considered one of the most welcoming countries for retired people and families.  

Thai healthcare services continue to attract more and more tourists every year. The reason is Thailand medical strategies, established on high quality medical service, trustworthy hospitals and affordable price. If you are looking for improving your health, it is totally recommended to consider Thailand as a value for your money and life.     

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